Video campaign: We Have a Voice

By 26 January 2017Uncategorized

Queer Refugees for Pride started online | We Have a Voice | campaign. The Idea of the campaign is to raise LGBTTI* refugees voices, to make hear and motivate LGBTTI* refugees to be active in social, political life of Germany.

“There is no way to keep eyes close regarding our situation. Indeed, we must be part of all discussions which taking place in all over the Germany. We have a voice and we will use it!

In this video speaker of Queer Refugees for Pride, TransWomen activist from Pakistan Alia Khannum talking about | the importance of self-organize and visibility. You can watch the video in German and Arabic subtitles!

AS FOR US is so difficult to reach media and raise our voice, you might understand the importance of sharing this video. Thank you very much for sharing and being part of our voice!”

[Description from Queer Refugees for Pride‘s Facebook page]

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